Mossberg 930 SPX
Mossberg 930 SPX

We picked up the semi-auto Mossberg 930 SPX since it was named 2009 Shotgun of the Year. Honestly it was a choice between the 930 and the Benelli M4. Why did we go with the Mossberg? Well, not only the fact it was half as expensive but the M4 that is sold to civilians has some restrictions that the 930 did not, honestly we felt we were getting more for our money. Of course in the end…after all the modifications…the final price tag on the 930 was over $2,000.00.

First we started with the off the shelf version of the Mossberg 930 SPX ($670.00), it comes with a magazine extension, and ghost ring sights. We chose not to pick up the version with the pistol grip, we just didn’t care for the look, they need to work on a better looking pistol grip stock.

Next we picked up a barrel clamp / rail from Nordic Components for $45.00. The 930 does not come with a magazine clamp and it really does need one. This version also allows you to mount a light to the rail. We chose to mount a Surefire Mini-Scout for $260.00 and paired that with the Surefire Dual Pressure Switch ($76.00).

We then picked up the Bobcat 930 forward grip ($149.00) and the 12” Rhino Rail ($149.00). These two pieces work together to give you the ultimate tactical look and adds 4 rails to your weapon including the top rail which will run the full length. It also adds a little weight which helps to reduce recoil.

To finish her off we picked up a sidesaddle from Tacstar ($27.00), GG&G Charging Handle ($25.00), GG&G Quick Release Sling ($38.99), Troy Ind. Q.D. Rail Mount Sling ($31.60), Surefire M4 Rail Covers ($15.07) and last but not least…Leupold Deltapoint Reflex Sight ($438.86).

This gave us a grand total of $1,925.52 before tax, DROS or shipping, add that in and you will be well over $2,000.00.

What was the payoff for all this time and money? Pure awesomeness!!!!!

Sure I have read some online reviews about how much of a POS these guns are…hogwash! I have no idea who these very few people are. Perhaps they are a bit wimpy and don’t know how to hold or are too weak to properly hold a shotgun and their weak grip doesn’t allow the gun to cycle properly? Who knows? After we finished the build we took the 930 to the range and gave her a test. We fired 400 rounds in 20 minutes. Yes, you heard correct, we loaded and fired as fast as we could! Also the ammo was about 15 years old and was a vast mixture of rounds including magnum rounds. We just wanted to throw anything we could at the 930…and we had some really old shotgun shells lying around.

Yes…do the math…it’s one round every 3 seconds. Of course it takes longer to load than to fire…we got off 8 rounds in about 3 seconds and the rest of the time was loading. That’s the beauty of this gun…semi-auto. We didn’t experience a single jam or FTF for the 400 rounds and the shotgun was a joy to shoot.

Hands down this is my favorite shotgun in the RGR collection.

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By: Brandon Gonzales
Staff Writer